American Military University : Ranking and Useful Information

American Military University : Ranking and Useful Information

Explore the exceptional educational journey at American Military University. Uncover specialized programs, dedicated faculty, and a commitment to shaping military leaders. Ignite your career with a foundation built on excellence. Established in 1991, American Military University (AMU) stands as a prominent online institution dedicated to providing quality education to military professionals, veterans, and civilians.Shorten with AI

Offering over 200 programs, AMU focuses on flexibility and accessibility, catering to the unique needs of its diverse student body.Shorten with AI

Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the university prioritizes practical, career-relevant education in areas such as national security, intelligence studies, and homeland security. With a commitment to serving those who serve, AMU combines academic excellence with a military-friendly approach, making education attainable for individuals seeking advancement in both military and civilian sectors.Shorten with AI


stablished in 1991, American Military University (AMU) emerged as a trailblazer in online education, founded by a retired Marine Corps officer, James P. Etter. Originally conceived to meet the unique educational needs of military professionals, AMU has since expanded its reach to serve a diverse student population globally. The university’s history is marked by a commitment to providing accessible, career-focused education, especially in fields like national security and public service. Over the years, AMU has evolved, earning accreditation and recognition for its dedication to supporting military members, veterans, and civilians in pursuing advanced education, fostering a legacy of academic excellence.


American Military University  ranking secures an impressive standing, ranking at #144 among 2,217 institutions nationwide for overall quality on the esteemed 2024 Best Colleges list by College Factual. This distinguished position places the university in the top 10% of all academic institutions across the nation. The ranking underscores AMU’s commitment to delivering excellence in education, highlighting its quality programs and academic prowess. This recognition affirms AMU’s standing as a reputable institution dedicated to providing high-caliber education to its diverse student body, reinforcing its position among the top-tier universities in the United States.


American Military University address headquarters is located at 111 W Congress Street, Charles Town.

American Military University Phone number : 877-755-2787.

American Military University Acceptance rate

Ave Maria University boasts a moderately selective admissions process, accepting 64% of applicants. Successful students typically present an average SAT score ranging from 1030 to 1240 or an average ACT score of 21 to 28. Ave Maria follows a rolling admissions schedule, allowing applicants flexibility in submitting their application.


Embarking on your academic journey at American Military University is a straightforward process:

  1. CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM: With over 200 degrees and certificates available, utilize our program finder to select the academic path that aligns with your goals.
  2. APPLY ONLINE: Applying for undergraduate or master’s-level programs is fee-free. The online application is a quick process that can be completed in minutes. Doctoral applications require a $100 fee.
  3. COMPLETE ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS: Following your application submission, delve into the undergraduate or graduate admissions ecampus tutorial. Review relevant tuition checklists and guidance on financial aid. An admissions coach will guide you through subsequent steps.
  4. REGISTER FOR COURSES: Classes commence monthly, enabling a swift start to your academic journey upon admission.

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Tuition and Fees

American Military University (AMU) provides a transparent breakdown of its tuition rates and fees, ensuring students can make informed financial decisions. The undergraduate credit standard rate is $350, with a reduced rate of $250/credit hour for the Preferred Military Rate and $315/credit hour for the Veteran Grant. Master’s-level credit standard rate is $425, with corresponding reduced rates. Notably, ebooks are provided at no cost for various courses. Additional fees, such as admission fees and technology fees, are clearly outlined. AMU’s flexible refund policy caters to different course lengths, and Military Tuition Assistance (TA) refunds adhere to Department of Defense guidelines, offering a structured approach for servicemembers.


American Military University (AMU) emphasizes the importance of scholarships as gift funds awarded based on academic achievement, talents, or other criteria. While AMU doesn’t directly offer university scholarships, students have access to numerous opportunities for private scholarships from over 100 organizations. The university encourages thorough research before considering private student loans, advising students to explore federal funding options first. Private loans should be a last resort after exhausting scholarships and federal aid. AMU provides a list of lenders who have served its students in the past but does not endorse any specific lender. The institution adheres to a Code of Conduct to ensure ethical student loan processes.


In conclusion, American Military University (AMU) stands as a beacon of accessible and quality education, prioritizing scholarships to ease financial burdens on students. With a commitment to excellence, AMU offers over 200 diverse programs and encourages applicants to explore their suitable academic paths. The university’s streamlined admissions process, including a user-friendly online application, ensures a hassle-free journey for prospective students. AMU’s dedication to military members is evident in its transparent tuition rates, discounts, and refund policies, reflecting a student-centric approach. As a top-ranking institution, AMU continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the academic and professional success of its diverse student body.

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